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Meet Hank | At Home | Newborn Lifestyle | Fairhope, AL

The photographer who usually shoots weddings with me recently took photos of my own family in our home. Along with it giving me with the sweetest images of this season, it also taught me a lot about what its like to be a client. Bless you mamas who invite me into your homes a week after you’ve had a baby and make it look like a piece of cake. It was more nerve wracking than I thought, and I salute your bravery!

I also feel like I just went to school for you. Since experience is the best teacher, I am taking mine and channeling my lesson in being photographed to enhance the way I tell your story. It is easy for a photographer to go into a session with a mental checklist of the images we want to capture. This weekend I got to put into practice what I harnessed on the other side of the camera- I chucked the checklist, lingered longer, and kept the in-betweens off the cutting floor. I learned to love the soft focus of a fleeting moment the most because while we still love that picture-perfect framer, its the ones that feel like life happening that make our hearts dance. It feels like gaining an understanding of images I loved of my family has grown my awareness of how to do the same for you.

With that in mind I am excited to introduce you to Fairhope’s latest addition, Hank. This family was as warm as they are beautiful, and as stylish as they are kind. I hope you feel like I’m sticking you on my shoulder while we tip toe around their house together, and I hope you enjoy the images as much as I enjoyed taking them!



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