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Lifestyle Art is an image for your home that look like a piece of art, but happens to have your loved ones in it. Living in the south, the popularity of beautiful, formal children’s portraits is widespread, but when I took a look at my casual decor, and my messy kids, I just couldn’t figure out how to make that happen for my family. I decided I wanted something timeless for my walls, that would be a time capsule of their characters instead their clothes, in a setting that settles my soul. Whether it is a wide open field, a sunny bay, or a southern porch, with your children artfully placed, these images are as personal as they are powerful.

When you book a Lifestyle Art Session we will discuss the setting and scenarios that will make the image most meaningful to you. The session can take up to one hour and you will receive 3 image options to view for your portrait. Once you choose the image you wish to print, you will receive three additional editing options, with variations in color and contrast. Once you have made your final decision you will receive a professionally printed Lifestyle Art portrait on fine art paper.The packages for the Lifestyle Art Session is below.

The introductory package price includes the session fee, post-editing, fine art printing and delivery:

8×10      | $575

11×14     | $600

16×24     | $825

24×36     | $1550

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